Your question: What is the volume of 1 2 moles of water vapor at STP?

What is the volume of 1.2 moles of water vapor h2o at STP?

At STP, 1.2 moles of O2 has a volume of 27 L.

What is the volume occupied by 1 mole of water vapor at STP?

At Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP), 1 mole of any gas will occupy a volume of 22.4 L.

What is the volume of 1.2 moles of water?

…is specified to be 22.4⋅L⋅mol−1 .

What is the volume of 2.1 mole of O2 gas?

David G. Assuming that the gas is at standard temperature and pressure (STP), one mole of any gas occupies 22.4 L . This means the number of moles of O2 is 222.4=0.089 mol .

What is P1 V1 P2 V2?

The relationship for Boyle’s Law can be expressed as follows: P1V1 = P2V2, where P1 and V1 are the initial pressure and volume values, and P2 and V2 are the values of the pressure and volume of the gas after change.

What is volume at STP?

Standard temperature and pressure (STP) are a useful set of benchmark conditions to compare other properties of gases. At STP, gases have a volume of 22.4 L per mole. The ideal gas law can be used to determine densities of gases.

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What is volume of 1 mole of water?

atomic weight. Now, given, the volume of one mole of water at 277 K is 18 ml. One ml of water contains 20 drops Therefore, the number of drops in one mole is, 20×18. . 1mole =6.023×1023.

What is STP formula?

VSTP = V * (273.15/T) * (P/760) This STP formula uses Kelvins, Torrs and Liters.

What is the volume of 240 g of so at STP?

Answer: The volume occupied by the given amount of sulfur dioxide will be 84 L.

How do you calculate moles at STP?

Molar volume at STP can be used to convert from moles to gas volume and from gas volume to moles. The equality of 1mol=22.4L is the basis for the conversion factor.