You asked: Are mole traps legal in the UK?

Is it legal to trap moles in UK?

Moles are have only basic protection from cruelty under the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996 and, when trapped or caught, the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Only legally approved poisons can be used by trained and licensed operators.

Are moles considered pests UK?

Moles are burrowing mammals that are regarded as pests in Britain, and until 2006 they could legally be killed using strychnine poison. … Kill-trapping was by far the preferred control method used and control may be used more than can be justified by damage levels or the effect of control on damage.

How do I get rid of moles in my garden UK?

Moles are known for their acute sense of smell, so one of the best natural ways to keep them away is to put something in their tunnel that smells bad. Depending on what you would be happy placing in the tunnel, so ideas include coffee grounds and castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper, as well as moth balls.

What is the best mole trap UK?

10 Best Mole Traps

  • The Flat Pack (Foxup) Ltd. …
  • Beagle Garden Products. …
  • Grabacz. …
  • Grabacz. …
  • Pack of 3 Professional Stainless Steel British Made Tunnel Mole Traps by The. …
  • Woodside. …
  • Woodside. Woodside 4 Pack of Heavy Duty Mole Claw Scissor Traps Fast Humane Kill.
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Are mole traps cruel?

Animal experts branded it a “cruel and barbaric” device which is similar to the illegal gin traps once used to trap rabbits and foxes. … Ross Minett, director of Advocates for Animals, said: “These traps are absolutely barbaric and the producers of Beechgrove Garden should be more responsible.

How do I get rid of moles humanely UK?

Plant Marigolds and Daffodils

Planting marigolds, daffodils, or alliums in your yard is a wonderful, humane method of getting rid of moles. It doesn’t harm them or any other animals in the area. It simply encourages the moles to move on, and deters them from returning since they dislike them so much.

Is killing moles illegal?

It is legal to use one or more methods kill moles in almost every jurisdiction in the English-speaking world. Some methods, however, are prohibited in some locations, and some methods are prohibited almost everywhere.

Can you live trap moles?

Moles are fossorial and live and feed in an underground network of feeding tunnels. Live capture mole tube traps are designed to be set in these tunnels and to catch moles alive when they push into the trap through a one-way swing door. … Plastic mole tube traps are now available, often marketed as ‘humane’ mole traps.