Can acne disqualify you from military?

Can you join the military with a skin condition?

The document Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction into the Military Services1 states that a history of atopic dermatitis or eczema after the 12th birthday or history of residual or recurrent lesions in characteristic areas (face, neck, antecubital or popliteal fossae, occasionally wrists and …

What causes acne in the military?

During military service, young adults, who are naturally predisposed to acne vulgaris, are exposed to high levels of physical and psychological stress, in an environment often characterized by poor sanitary conditions.

Can dry skin disqualify you from the military?

The US Military follows strict medical eligibility requirements for enlistment and retention. Atopic dermatitis (AD) and chronic eczematous conditions after 12 years of age is disqualifying for military service, but waivers may be possible for mild cases.

Does HSV 1 disqualify you from the military?

Most STDs won’t disqualify you from joining the military. When you look at the medical conditions related to disqualification, STDs are not really on the list. HSV1 and HSV2 will not keep you from joining and the only STD that may is HIV.

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Why flat feet are not allowed in military?

Those with flat feet are not suited to marching – they can sustain spinal damage. The government may not care if one is killed, but cannot take the chance of anyone’s seeking a disability pension.

Can the military clear your criminal record?

Under Title 32, Chapter V, Section 571.3(c)(2)(i) of the Code of Federal Regulations, applicants to the military must disclose SEALED and/or EXPUNGED criminal cases as well as juvenile records. … Fortunately, a criminal record does not automatically bar you from military service.

Can anxiety get you kicked out of the military?

In the military’s scheme of things, serious disorders such as major depression, anxiety or schizophrenia may be grounds for medical discharge or retirement, usually depending on their severity and amenability to treatment.

Can you join the ADF with acne?

Does acne medication prevent me from joining the ADF? Some treatments for acne can temporarily prevent you from joining the ADF. They can affect your liver and can cause significant sun sensitivity, both of which would affect your ability to participate in training activities outdoors.

How many pimples is mild acne?

Acne falls into the “mild” category if you have fewer than 20 whiteheads or blackheads, fewer than 15 inflamed bumps, or fewer than 30 total lesions. Mild acne is usually treated with over-the-counter topical medicine. It may take up to eight weeks to see a significant improvement.