Best answer: What are the seven mole varieties of Oaxaca cuisine?

How many moles are there in Oaxaca?

Although there are seven moles in Oaxaca, every family has their own version of each of the seven sauces, so one can only begin to imagine the varieties.

What is Oaxaca mole?

Oaxacan Black Mole Sauce (Mole Negro)

The secret to this mole’s pitch-black hue and complex flavor: the deeply toasted and fried ingredients. … The process is time-consuming, so think twice before scaling down; extra mole keeps well in the freezer.

What are the types of mole sauce?

However, there are seven main types of mole sauces that you may have tasted before.

  • Mole Poblano. Considered as the national dish of Mexico, this mole sauce is red in color and contains lots of dried chile flavor. …
  • Mole Negro. …
  • Mole Coloradito. …
  • Mole Amarillo. …
  • Mole Manchamantel. …
  • Mole Chichilo. …
  • Mole Verde.

Where is mole originally from?

What is the difference between black mole and red mole?

Red mole, also known as mole poblano, is similar to black mole, using many of the same spices and base ingredients and also contains chocolate, but less.

What is Oaxacan mole made of?

The origins of all moles, pronounced “mole-ay,” are in pre-Hispanic Mexico. At their core, this sauce is a smooth mix of seeds and nuts, chiles, often tomatoes and/or tomatillos, some sort of allium (onion or garlic), herbs, spices like cinnamon and allspice, and broth or water.

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What do big moles mean?

Even a large mole seldom becomes cancerous and almost never before the child reaches puberty. Having unusual moles. Moles that are bigger than a common mole and irregular in shape are known as atypical (dysplastic) nevi. They tend to be hereditary.