What is younique BB cream?

Is younique BB cream good for oily skin?

Our BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is a multitasking cream that enhances your skin and works as a beautiful, lightweight foundation. BB Flawless gives your skin a natural-looking matte finish and is available in 6 shades that are also perfect to help highlight and contour the face! … I like Touch better, for oily skin.

Does younique have a tinted moisturizer?

Transforms your moisturizer into a tinted moisturizer that evens out and refines your complexion. Formulated with nettle oil extract and green tea oil, this booster significantly reduces the appearance of pores.

Do you put concealer or BB cream on first?

If you use a cream-based foundation or a BB or CC cream, apply your foundation first and your concealer second. Why? Foundation is meant to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes and discoloration. Until it’s applied, it’s tough to tell how much concealer you need to lighten and brighten.

Is younique primer silicone based?

I love Younique’s Glorious Primer because it is Silicone based not oil based.

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