Is the ordinary toner good for oily skin?

Is The Ordinary glycolic acid toner good for oily skin?

If you have acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation or scarred skin, glycolic acid toners are an effective treatment. … Best suited to oily and acne-prone skin, those with dry and sensitive skin types should avoid glycolic acid toners altogether.

Can I use The Ordinary on oily skin?

If you have oily skin, you’ll easily find effective products at The Ordinary. Many of the brand’s products will help keep your skin shine-free and clear, while still giving it the hydration that it needs to stay balanced.

Is glycolic acid 7 toning good for oily skin?

P.S. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you can stop reading now. Glycolic acid is awesome… for dry and sun-damaged skin. Your skin type needs Salicylic acid (it exfoliates the pores, too) and this toning solution doesn’t have it.

Is niacinamide good for oily skin?

Niacinamide has been shown to regulate oil secretion making it very useful for oily and combination skin types,” explains Shabir. “The diverse ingredient even has antibacterial effects,” says clinical facialist, Kate Kerr.

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